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Monday, June 8, 2015

Travel Destination: Estes Park, Colorado

The view from our cabin!
Gem Lake hike
Beautiful views along the way
Gem Lake
The Stanley Hotel
Horse-back riding!
Lily Lake
Downtown Estes Park shops

Happy Monday!

This is the first (of hopefully, many) travel destination posts to share our fun experiences with you! I spent the past long-weekend in Estes Park, Colorado with family to celebrate my sweet grandma's 80th birthday! I thought it would be fun to show some of the places we went to on this trip!

-Gem Lake: 1.7 mile hike (one-way) to the top of the mountain where the lake is located. It's much easier coming down, but definitely worth the steep climbing to the top to see the serene lake views, as well as beautiful views of surrounding Estes Park.
-The Stanley Hotel: popular tourist location- it's fun to walk around and look at.
-Sombrero Ranches Horses Stable: fun for families - with beautiful views along the horse paths. We had a nice & helpful guide, Sarah, who led us on our 1 hour trail ride.
-Lily Lake: awesome views with a flat 1 mile trail surrounding it - great for running!
-Downtown Estes Park: there are lots of cute shops to walk around and browse through. Stopping for either candy carmel apples, ice-cream, taffy, carmel corn (or all of the above) is a must!

P.S. We finally got a snapchat! You can follow along with our travel adventures at: simplyduostyle

xo, amy & hannah

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