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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thailand - Pattaya

Because we were trying to save time, we flew from Phuket back to Bangkok and then took the bus to Pattaya! We took an air conditioned bus through the Suvarnabhumi Airport and it took us about 2 hours to get to Pattaya. 
We stayed at the Siam Bayshore Resort and Spa! It was lively and modern! 
This picture probably took like 40 tries to capture......haha...
Sunsets are always soooo pretty in Thailand! 
Pattaya City! 
Sunset time at the Pattaya City! The beaches were definitely not as beautiful compared to the beaches back at Phuket. 
We explored the famous "Walking Street"  (not pictured) after dinner one night, and let's just say....I am not a big fan of this so called "red-light" district. It was for sure a strange experience…
We took a ferry to Koh Larn Island and spent a day there just being beach bums! There are many resorts on the island, and I would recommend you stay for a night or two if you want to get away from the city life of Pattaya! 
Koh Larn Island has six main beaches and a few smaller beaches that you can explore and relax at! I loved the Naul Beach and the Tonglang Beach the most! 
Pattaya Floating Market at nighttime! During the day time, there are typically boats floating around for people to ride for a small charge, and there are water vendors selling authentic Thai food, desserts and specialties from all over the country. And if you are lucky, you can also catch a special cultural show for free in the afternoon time!
South Pattaya of Pattaya Tai! It is located next to the southern end of Pattaya Beach.
Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden! Tickets cost around $30 USD, but I promise that you will love it! 
The garden is hugeeeeeee! We only spent half a day here, but we could have easily stayed for a whole day! The landscape was breathtaking! 
 Buddha Mountain also known as the Khao Chi Chan and the Laser Buddha!
We didn't get to ride elephants in Pattaya, but it looked so fun! 
We had a mini spa day at the Hilton Inn Pattaya! The view at the top was amazing, and the happy hour specials were pretty on point! :) 
 Hilton Inn Pattaya - these chairs were so comfy, it was like sitting on clouds! 
Horizon Rooftop Bar 
Pattaya Beach 
Koh Larn Island 
Koh Larn Island 

Pattaya is definitely one of the most popular cities to stop at in Thailand. The city is proximity 2 hours away from Bangkok which makes it a popular weekend/short trip destination for those who are traveling on a time crunch and wanting to see more of the Thai Culture. Pattaya is known for its bar scenes and it's "sex" industry drive, but there are also lots of family-friendly attractions and activities that you can do!

To be completey honest, I did not love Pattaya as much as I loved Phuket, but I still had a great time exploring this so called "sin city"! Pattaya is a lot smaller than Phuket, therefore making it a lot easier to navigate and explore. My favorite part about Pattaya was definitely exploring the Pattaya Floating Market and spending a day at the Koh Larn Island! Oh and of course, a spa day at the Hilton Inn! :)

*Here are some tips and suggested activities that you can do in Pattaya, Thailand!*

Accommodations: We stayed at the Siam Bayshore Resort and Spa - This resort is located in Pattaya's Chonburi Area and next to the famous Walking Street! The resort was very lively and modern!

Central Pattaya: As the name would suggest, this is an an excellent location close to shops, restaurants, nightlife and the beach. There are plenty accommodations to choose from, but I'd suggest avoiding the streets Soi 6, 7, and 8 if you are wanting a quiet night!

South Pattaya: Right by the famous Walking Street. Like Central Pattaya, it also has lots of restaurants, shops, bars, and hotels for you to pick from!

Jomtien: Jomtien Beach is located towards the south side of Pattaya. Jomtien Beach is definitely a lot more appealing and less crowded than the beach in Central Pattaya. It is near the Botanical Gardens, fun water parks, and many cultural and religious sites! There is also a great selection of hotels for all budgets around there!

North Pattaya: Although, there are plenty of bars and restaurants in the north region of Pattaya, the entertainment isn't as full-on as it can be- compared to the Central or South Pattaya.

Food: Pattaya is famous for its local food! I personally love the Tom Yum Soup, Pad Thai, and the Mochi Ice Cream! However, if you are feeling really adventurous with your food, go ahead and try some of their famous Thai Fried Insects as a afternoon snack - I am not joking, people love their fried insects..yum!

If you are feeling fancy, I would highly recommend you check out the Horizon Rooftop Restaurant and Bar - it is located on top of the Holiday Inn Pattaya! Trust me, the scenery is breath-taking, especially if you catch the sunset! I also loved the Element - wonderful seafood! And the Bake n' Brew - a cute little cafe with excellent breakfast/brunch specials!

Transportation: If you land directly into the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, you can buy a bus ticket from Bangkok to Pattaya at the arrival hall, Level 1 Gate 8. Buses go from 7:00am - 10:00pm and it takes about 2 hours. This is the form of transportation that I used and I think it is the cheapest and easiest way to get to Pattaya!! More information here: Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya 

Other forms of transportation include - taxi's, rental cars, limos, and minivans from different bus stations! More information here: Getting to Pattaya 

Must do's in Pattaya:

Koh Larn Island: Koh Larn is a beautiful little island in the Gulf of Thailand. It is located a little off of the coast of Pattaya Beach. You can travel to Koh Larn Island by the Koh Larn Ferry (30 Baht each way) or by speed boat (1500-2500 Baht each way). Both the ferry and speed boat are located at the Bali Hai Pier! Koh Larn has six main beaches and a few smaller beaches. You can get around the island by Baht Bus or motorbikes! More information here: Koh Larn Island 

Walking Street: Found at the end of south Pattaya's Beach Road. It is a 500 meter road packed with bars, go-go bars and restaurants. The Walking Street is almost completely deserted during the daytime hours and comes alive with neon lights, music, food vendors, and street performances at night. But be warned, the Walking Street is a "red-light" district in Pattaya and I would not recommend it for families with young children.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden: The team behind this garden have repeatedly won international awards for their designs and creative displays! It is a 17th-century-French-Style inspired garden filled exclusively with cacti, bonsais and tropical palms. There are also elephant talent shows and many Thai Culture entertainment and shows! The ticket cost about $30 USD, but it's worth your time and money!

Pattaya Floating Market: Fun little street that represent all four major areas of Thailand - the north, northeast, central and south. The streets are filled with shops and stalls selling souvenirs, fruits, food, handicrafts, art, and clothing! There are also regular cultural shows and demonstrations throughout the day! A lot of vendors indeed float and you can also ride on the boat for a small charge!

Khao Chi Chang - Buddha Mountain: The largest stone engraving of Buddha in the world!

Sanctuary of Truth & Wat Yansangwararam: We did not get a chance to go see either of these palaces, but I have heard wonderful reviews! Make sure to stop by and check it out if you have time! Don't forget to wear proper clothing!

Also, Pattaya Beach Street has a lot of shopping malls, for all you shoppers out there! :)

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xo, amy & hannah


  1. we flew from Phuket back to Bangkok and then took the bus to Pattaya! We took an air conditioned bus through the Suvarnabhumi Airport and it took us about 2 hours to get to Pattaya.

  2. Wow, This is just so beautiful, I have always loved the tour in Phuket I had last week, What you have got here is really something I would love to visit over and over again, Thanks for sharing the guide

  3. Hey what a brilliant post I have come across and believe me I have been searching out for this similar kind of post for past a week and hardly came across this. Thank you very much and will look for more postings from you. Bangkok to Pattaya


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