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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Paisley Bell-Sleeved Dress

DRESS: Nordstrom // WEDGES: Nordstrom // PURSE: Rebecca Minkoff // EARRINGS: Kendra Scott // WATCH: Fossil

Happy Thursday!
Hope you're having a great week so far! Yesterday, when I came home I had a letter in the mail from my sweet grandma telling me how proud she was of me and my accomplishments...and it made me realize 1) grandparents are the actual best 2) when did we all stop writing letters?! Yes, I love a nice, encouraging text as much as the next person because of it's immediate gratification. But there's something special about receiving a simple letter in the mail from someone you care about. It shows you that they took extra time out of their day to let you know they were thinking about you and that you're important to them. Plus, it's nice to get something besides bills in the mail, am I right?! #adultingprobs. Coming to this realization means I need to send more letters "just because".  I know there's faster means to do the same job, but there's something about being surprised and seeing encouragement in writing that could just makes someone's day even better - and in my opinion, is such a simple act of kindness that needs to be brought back!

Also- this dress is SO cute and perfect for Fall that I recently bought it in black too. I can't get enough of flowy dresses with bell-sleeves right now! And the best part is it comes in 5 other colors/prints and is only $48! Shop below!

xo, amy & hannah

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