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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: BFF

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We have shared our home decor gift guide, beauty & makeup gift guide and hostess gift guide, but today we wanted to share some fun gift ideas for your bffs or just friends! These items starts as low as $10 and then climb to a few more expensive pieces. 

We both have this but first coffee travel-mug and monogram mug and think they're the cutest things ever! I have this pillowcase on my Christmas list, and this over-sized weekender bag is a new addition and I am SO in love with it - I like to pack clutches (like this) in my over-sized bag to keep all of my make-up, passports, credit cards, etc all in one place and it doesn't hurt that it doubles as a going-out bag! 

Two of my go-to gifts to give to my girl friends are these kendra scott necklaces and these kate spade earrings! It's an everyday-wear jewelry that I know they will love and actually wear, it's simple yet delicate, and its not too expensive!...but expensive enough to show that you..."care" haha 

Oh also, this portable charger is the most ah-hhh-mazinggg thing ever! It charges up to 5 battery uses and has 2 plug ins. I use mine all the time, especially when traveling. And this would make a great gift for all the guy bffs in your life! :) 

Thanks for stopping by!  

xo, amy & hannah

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