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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mexico: Sparkly Romper

ROMPER: similar & similar & similar // HEELS: Nina (similar & similar)  // CLUTCH: Tory Burch // EARRINGS: Baublebar

Happy Friday, friends! Nothing makes me more ready for a great night out quite like this party romper! I usually tends to shy away from anything that has an open back, but this romper was too good to pass up. Aside from the obvious metallic statement here, I have to say the color is spot on! I wore this look to one of the ocean view bars in our resort and loved the "attention" that I got. aka awkward stares cuz I looked dramatic AF....all the bars where super chill...hahha... anyways, I ended up putting my hair up instead of down. I loved the messy ponytail look with this romper. 

One of my close friend got engaged back in November and she's planning on having her bachelorette party in Vegas..I bet I won't get any weird stares when I wear it there! ;)  

I bought this romper last summer, but I've found a few similar rompers below! Have a great weekend everyone! 

Thanks for stopping by!

xo, amy & hannah

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