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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Coffee Chat

Happy Hump Day! We're so excited that you all have sent us a few more emails asking us questions about our personal lives & blog that we decided to continue this "coffee chat" series!

One of the most popular questions we get is if we blog full time?
No we do not, we actually both have full-time jobs that are unrelated to blogging & fashion. We do this as a fun hobby and are only able to work on it most weekends! Amy is currently doing research in the field of bio-agriculture engineering and Hannah is currently working in the medical field.

What were your majors and where did you go to college?
Amy: Food Science and Management at Kansas State University
Hannah: Psychology at Purdue University

What are your career goals?
Amy: To have a career in international business (marketing/sales/business development) and to own my own business one day!
Hannah: To have a career as a physician assistant (I'm unsure which specialty I want to pursue though!)
*(But I mean we can't say we would decline a career as full-time bloggers if that opportunity arised! ;) )

Who takes your pictures?
We take them of each other! 

How old are you each?
We're both 23! But lets be real its all downhill after 21, are we right?


xo, amy & hannah

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